It’s the perfect time to turn your adorable pets into what they were always meant to be an influencer! Now PicsArt has come out with new awesome animal-inspired content, so showing off your pet’s good side will be super easy. There’s something for any kind of animal in your life — and even a bonus edit for those without pets! Check out a few quick ways you can turn your favorite animal into instant influencer status with PicsArt.

Their brand new Neon Pet Accessories stickers pack is too much fun! Including halos, devil horns, angel wings, and more, they can help show off your pet’s dazzling personality. Combine them with one of our awesome Masks for extra pizazz. 

You can choose photos that you’ve already taken to upload, or you can use your phone’s camera to take a new one. The app even features a celebrity image search, so if you ever wanted to see what Tommy Wiseau would look like as a Disney princess, now’s your chance.

Picsart also features a collection of adorable, high-quality dog pictures that are perfect for personal and professional content. Show off your love of canines with cute dog images and photos of puppies. 

Here’s what can do with Picsart:

  • Avatarify Your Pet
  • Create a Celebrity Look Alike Video
  • Make an Animated Cartoon Character
  • Face-morph a Pet Picture
  • Do Funny Faces With Your Pet

Download Picsart for Android

Download Picsart for iOS